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30 Nov 2010

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A view of @katiesmidcity from the bar

In many ways, I'm a creature of habit, and when it comes to dining in Mid City, my "habits" are Mandina's and Liuzza's. I'd been saying for ages that I'd go to Katie's, and never got past Bienville Street. I finally did, and I'm a changed person.

Katie's is a classic NOLA neighborhood place; the decor and menu reflect this, right down to the "Bring the Wood!" bat (from the Saints' Super Bowl season) hanging up behind the bar. They've got Abita Amber on tap, cementing my relationship with the place solidly.

My first trip to Katie's was lunch with a friend. She grazed on the Grilled Chicken Salad while I had the "Terranova" pizza. More on the pizza later. It was good, friend was very happy with the salad, and the first visit was a win! A week or two later, I decided to come back for lunch, and sat at the bar. I ordered the mushroom-swiss burger with grilled onions. As you can see, it was a winner, a solid half-pound patty, a good bun, and fresh toppings. Gotta love the Saints paper lining the basket! Even though Katie's does a most-excellent burger, that may be the last one I get. The reason is simple: there are other places that do a good burger and Katie's does so many other things so well.

Third trip to Katie's was with family for dinner. They were skeptical-you think I'm bad about Liuzza's? You should hear my boys. We started with basic cheese fries (no debris gravy). The boys both had the hickory burger (hickory sauce, swiss cheese, bacon). Wife had a shrimp po-boy and I got the fried green tomato and shrimp sandwich. The boys killed the burgers and wife's sandwich disappeared almost as fast. I found my sandwich a bit dry, not enough remoulade sauce. I tweeted as much, and not five minutes later, Chef Scott came by the table to see what was wrong. I've never seen such a fast reaction in my life! I was extremely flattered when he offered to bring me some more remoulade sauce (which is one of the best in town, to be sure). Alas, I had eaten all of the po-boy already. It wasn't bad, mind you, I just thought it could use more sauce to balance the french bread. As an appetizer (sans bread), it would've been just right. The combination of the flavors is fantastic. If you get this sandwich, though, be sure to ask them for extra remoulade sauce.

My most recent visit to Katie's was last week, another business lunch. My colleague had the chicken quesadilla, and I got another Terranova pizza, since the photo of the first one didn't come out well at all. I'm glad this one did, so not only can I include it in this post, but because I'll be writing a second one where I proclaim this pizza the Best in New Orleans. Just look at it-wonderful! Chef Scott did point out that, to make this one hit home with me (I'd been spotted coming in), he brushed the crust with his olive-oil/garlic sauce before putting the marinara on. (He said anybody can ask for that, btw.) Even without that extra touch, however, this is a wonderful pizza. Others I know swear by the Yardbird (chicken, onions, tomato, feta, with the olive oil/garlic sauce), but I refer sausage pizzas when I know it's good sausage. The Terranova gets its name from Terranova's Supermarket over in Faubourg St. John, and their most wonderful Italian sausage.

Chef Scott also treated us to a wonderful cheesecake for dessert, but alas, my batteries died before I could get a picture. We'll give dessert a better treatment on the next trip.

Katie's is more than just a solid neighborhood place. There's some tasty and creative food here. We go to a neighborhood restaurant for comfort food, or to have a beer with friends. Katie's is a destination for more than just those things--it's a place for a truly enjoyable dining experience.  Katie's is worth driving in from #themetrys, Kenna (bra), or even (dare I say it) a trip from Uptown!